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Meet Ann

A Voice for Freedom, Her Mission & Vision

A note from Ann…

What I do: As a songwriter and author, I produce artistic works that extend across political, cultural, and denominational boundaries to support various humanitarian causes as well as offer encouragement and comfort to those who are recovering from illness, injury, or addiction.  Additionally, I provide inspirational content and structured study programs for spiritual seekers who wish to learn more about living the Two Commandments, “Love God & Love Others,” as taught by Jesus.

A Voice for Freedom: I also promote understanding of the value and price of two kinds of Freedom, one being “Freedom of Soul” which is experienced via our ongoing, personal relationship with God, while Liberty of Life is due to the sacrifices of those who have served in harm’s way on our behalf.

Music Genres: My style varies, from Blues to Bluegrass, but the message is always one of hope while promoting compassionate action, taking the love of God with us everywhere we go.

Preview music.

Audio/Visual & Live Events: The main ways in which I express these values as just described, is through the creation of specially-crafted songs, albums, narrations, blogs, books, and public presentations which address both Freedom of Soul & Liberty of Life as well as topics such as healing, recovery, and unity via our mutual connection to the Spirit of God. Use the search bar to look up content by topic or read more about available presentations for your special service or event.

Broadcasting & Social Media: In addition, I broadcast via Internet Radio & TV, several websites, plus YouTube, Twitter & Facebook as well as other newer social-media platforms. Contact me for a complete list. 

More Music & Literary Websites:

Info Site (annmwolf.info): This is where you can subscribe to my free newsletter and see a brief overview of my creative works & services; but for more about how my audio-visual content can support you, your group, or event, this website will give you many options. For topic specific resources, use the search bar on any page.

Reading Library: Also check out my literary site, Message of the Lighthouse Online Library for good reads & a variety of study plans for the spiritually-minded, including my non-denominational, step-by-step course known as, “Becoming the Church, Guided Study Experience.”

I share these thoughts about what motivates me as an artist…“There is nothing I will ever have that can repay God in Heaven for the Freedom I’ve received for my eternal soul and no words which can even begin to express my appreciation for those who have served in harm’s way in safeguarding my Liberty & Safety on earth; but I hope to honor and remember all by offering back whatever my Creator has given me for as long as I am able and in the ways that The Spirit of the Lord is leading.”

Also…“I serve God and Country in remembrance of those whose sacrifice has given each of us the opportunity to acquire knowledge and pursue our God-given potential. Without Liberty, the souls of mankind see little of the Light of Day and are afforded few options. So I pray that the works of my hands and the words from my voice will bring honor to God and to all, who, throughout time, have made this sacred heritage possible. I also pray that we will resolve to work together in Unity as grateful citizens, to take responsibility for our individual part in what constitutes Freedom so that we may realize our potential as a nation while we keep the vision that is America alive.”

Real Music for Real Life

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  • For Healing, Recovery & Redemption

    Inspired music & words
    for your soul’s journey

Life brings challenges…

We all face something; what is your challenge?






Illness & Injury

Sudden life changes

Loss of loved ones


Inspired Music & Words

Offering support & comfort
through the changes life brings.

Life brings celebrations & blessings…

Family & friends, time with God, new directions; what moves you?

Relaxing & Re-grouping

Special Life Events

Communion & Prayer

Healing & Recovery

Praise, Thanksgiving & Worship

Honoring & Remembering

Finding & Celebrating our Spiritual Identity


Music with a Message


Description: Ann M. Wolf delivers inspiration for the road you travel, driving the message of healing & hope into the heart. Singing Biker Blues, Southern Rock, Reggae, plus Spiritual Classics & AC with a Rock-Anthem Twist, “Redemption” the Soul-Experience, is not just for some but for everyone. This album is ideal for personal inspiration as well as group gatherings. Read more.


“A Patriot’s Heart, In God We Trust” 

“Caught Up In His Love”

Description: The Joy of Jazz, the Power of Blues, and a celebration of timeless inspirational melodies; this blend of originals and classics offers a fresh perspective on the spiritual journey. Read more for additional artist notes, links to videos, and to read lyrics.

“Blessed Are The Ones”

Description: Moving songs, soaring instrumentation, powerful messages honoring those who love, serve and inspire us; celebrating God as first in our lives & culminating with an unforgettable Medley of America the Beautiful, My Country Tis of Thee, God Bless America!​ Read more for additional artist notes, links to videos, and to read lyrics.

“Remember Me”

Description: Special songs celebrating the Mercy & Grace of God, for your personal or group time in the Spirit; perfect for meditation, prayer, communion & other spiritual ceremonies. Read more for additional artist notes, links to videos, and to read lyrics.

NEW MUSIC at CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes & More

A Voice for Freedom


13 Tracks of Pure Inspiration, Drive & Power!

Description: “A Voice for Freedom,” is focused on 2 kinds of Freedom, of Soul via our relationship with God while Liberty of Life is due to the sacrifices of those who serve in harm’s way.

Music Genres: Blues, AC, Alternative, Heartland & Rock Anthems.

This album is now available to download from CD Baby, iTunes & Amazon and the CD (Compact Disc) will be available this Spring.

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Good Reads & More for the Soul

Plus Bible Studies, Life-Application &
Becoming the Church Guided Study Experience

Mission & Vision

Values-Driven Artistry:

Ann M. Wolf reaches across denominational & cultural boundaries to connect with God-lovers around the world while celebrating Unity via the Spirit of God. One of her favorite Scriptures is with regard to the Two Commandments of Jesus which inspires her in the creation of artistic works designed to support others throughout their spiritual journey.

“Master, which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment.And the second is like unto it Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.
 Matthew 22:36-40 (KJV)

“Becoming the Church” … Beyond religions, denominations, and cultures:

In addition to composing music, Ann as Chaplain has authored a step-by-step guided study experience, A.K.A., “Becoming the Church,” designed for individual seekers or cell-ministries and is ideal for both beginners or those who are already deep into Bible Study. This program focuses on learning to Walk in Mercy while Holding to Grace as a Way of Life.

Through life’s changes:

Ann believes that the purpose of our life is to undergo spiritual transformation while being of service to God and others. So unto that aim, she is here for you to share in the process of discovery and healing. Her works are specially crafted to support hope and redemption. Still growing everyday herself, she knows she is no expert or guru when it comes to coping with what life can throw at us, but she shares what she has learned so far and believes that as we seek the Living & Written Word and help one another, we can find our way through our growing experiences and realize the best of what life can offer.

Message of the Lighthouse:

“Message of the Lighthouse” is the name of her Online Library (MOTL Library) which offers a rich assortment of articles & studies both short-term and comprehensive, for individuals & groups.

Go to MOTL Online Library.

Testimonials & Comments from Listeners

What people are saying about music, videos, ceremonies, and presentations by Ann M. Wolf

Greg wrote: “May God protect you, sister. You are indeed a precious and valued asset to every veteran who ever word the uniform of the United States military. YOU are our champion and God’s angel among us. Know that you are loved and appreciated, Ann M. Wolf, for your ceaseless and selfless service to veterans all over the nation.”

Greg TalbotVeteran, MOTL Partner, Veteran

In response to watching the video, “Blessed Are The Ones,” Mike states:

“Ann, love the video. Awesome tribute. I listen to your “Blessed are the Ones CD” everyday so I know the song. Very nice adding the video. Also listen to your “Caught up in His Love,” “A Patriot’s Heart, In God We Trust” and “Remember Me” albums daily as well. Time to go to CD Baby and see what you got new out there. Have a blessed day my friend and God Bless. Mike”

Mike GrimmVeteran, Patriot & Truck Driver

In response to watching the video, “Sunday Feelin’ All Week Long” shares:

“Love the Video Ann ! Thank you for the work you’re doing ! Numbers 6-24 The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: Numbers 6-25 The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: Numbers 6-26 The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.”

Steel Witness CSAChristian Biker & Minister

“You have a vets heart, you’re a Mom and wife of vets’ and you love our veterans and honor them with every note you write and sing; you calm them, you encourage them and you inspire them like no one else.”

Jon AsdourianVeteran & Veterans Cause Activist

“Ann writes and performs some awesome stuff”

Frank HullChristian & Patriot Rider - RT 3, IL

“Thank you Ann M. Wolf for being a steadfast patriot and purveyor of truth you are a heroin to a nation in distress!”

Robert L. Kerr - CMACMA & Living Water Ministry

“You are are a good servant and a remarkable woman and patriot, Ann M. Wolf. AND Thanks for being my friend.”

Rol SheriffChristian Biker Max Mobilcom

Ronald wrote:

“Check out my friend Ann Wolf’s music. She is really talented and sold out to the Lord Jesus Christ!.”

Ronald Francis SmartPastor & Evangelist

In speaking about Ann Wolf Music Website, Dr. Ayers shares:

“Ann This is beautiful. Thank you so much for your faithfulness to Christ and the vets of our great country. It is wonderful.”

Dr. Phil AyersVeteran, Minister, AuthorGlade Creek Baptist Church

“There isn’t a single day that goes by that I don’t listen to one of your songs or look at new postings on your social media. It lifts me up to get through any day. You are my minister every single day of my life. Even when I’m in the hospital, you are at my side; even the nurses love your music. Thank you, my friend.”

Garry JohnstonNam Vet

“Ann, I feel fortunate to have become acquainted with you. You are a true patriot and supporter of us Vets. Your music is unique and very well done. You are a real talent. Keep up the great work.”

He also shared, “And I’m a Vietnam Vet, and I’m an old outlaw biker. I wanted to personally thank you for posting the video link to “After Vietnam, the Healing.” It brought tears to this old man’s eyes. I shared it as well. Thank you so very much.” 

And “Nothing But The Blues Without You” is truly the BOMBDIGGITY ! You are an exceptional talent.” 
Jim Leonard Vietnam Veteran


Most of the time tears bring sadness; in the case of your legacy of work, being and meaning, it brings a reminder of joy, the meaning of life, and those who sacrificed theirs for all others. And it brings a warm smile to me knowing there are great gifted souls like yours touching ours, in between the tears of many smiles.

You’re the 1st and the 1st usually makes the most important memorable lifetime impact on ones HEART & SOUL, FOREVER IN LIFE. That impact affects one for the rest of one’s life, good or bad. In the soul of you, the impact has been a re-discovered blessing knowing you are blessed with an amazing insight of internal creative emotional expression; Able to place it with words, visuals, music, narration but most importantly with unquestionable meaning, LOVE & FAITH.

GOD’S gift has been born within you, and you have been able to bring it to others in a way I have not yet navigated. You’re the 1st person to touch me with your creative spiritual creative talents embracing the meaning of our nation’s veterans, brothers & sisters, families, POW/MIA veterans, country and faith.

I study your work, and the mind behind its driving force and faith. I think I finally got it how you accomplish it, bring it to the surface, and share it for all others to have. GOD & LOVE!

Wow how connected you are. Someday, somehow, in some time and place would be the next dream to get there as you have.

Best, Carlo

Carlo AlbaneseBiker Patriot & Rolling Thunder Member

Featured Music Videos

Missing Man Table Ceremony

This a version of the widely cherished ceremony, “The Missing Man Table,” is set for the single “Missing Man” who represents all of the captured and missing from all conflicts. A tradition at most important military and patriot functions, this video throws light on elements of the service, explaining the meaning and significance of each article on the Table & taking the viewer deep into the world of the POW/MIA issue. The score was written & produced by Tracy Collins.

Read the “The Missing Man Table” Script

Preview or purchase this track.

New Video!

From the new album, “A Voice for Freedom”

“Social Media Jailhouse Blues” A Sassy & Provocative Ode’ to our Constitution & Bill of Rights as written & sung by Ann M. Wolf

See Lyrics of “Social Media Jailhouse Blues” & hear Mp3. 

“Social Media Jailhouse Blues” © 2018 Ann M. Wolf, BMI

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