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Thank you note from Ann M. Wolf

Note from Ann M. Wolf…

Thank you for visiting today and thank you as well for your interest in learning how to lend a hand to this artistic outreach where the Star of the show is God. Here is a little bit about what I do and why I do it…

Message of the Lighthouse: At the heart of all of my songs, videos, commentary, and narrations is a message based on the Two Commandments of Jesus, “To Love God” & “To Love People.” Loving God involves getting to know Him via His Written and Living Word; and that is why you will find much Study and Life-Application support at my literary site, “Message of the Lighthouse Online Library.” MOTL is also the home of the “Becoming the Church Guided Study Experience,” a simple, step by step lesson plan that offers support for the spiritual transformation process.

Message in the Music: Here at Ann Wolf Music website, you can see the application of my creative works to spiritual, patriotic, and compassionate-action projects which brings me back to “Love People.” With spiritual growth comes greater levels of concern for others; and with opportunities to make a difference everywhere we go, many of my songs and videos are about seizing those wonderful moments and offering comfort to folks as the Spirit is leading. As for Patriotism; my allegiance is with our Constitution first, rather than political parties; and my service is toward all those who have served in harm’s way and their families.  This is why I take my Missing Man Table and Soldier’s Cross on the road many times each month, frequenting memorials, special events, and commemorations in honor of our veterans and first-responders. I am deeply committed to raising awareness about the Price of Freedom as well as the special needs of those who have served. I do this by narrating ceremonies, singing songs, and offering my hand of friendship everywhere I am able to go. Read more about what is involved with having me come to your event.

God & Country & More: I believe that I owe my gratitude and life-long service to God for the Freedom He has given my soul; and I also owe gratitude and life-long service to those who have secured and defended my Freedom and Safety as a citizen of the United States of America. I am also involved with charities overseas in memory of my humanitarian father, and in following the leading of God to acknowledge all members of our family in Christ throughout the world. Read more about Charity Outreach.

Each one reach one: “Each one reach one,” has been a favorite motto for many years now; so I seek to accomplish that purpose with what God has given me, which is my voice, my heart, my abilities, and whatever resources I happen to have at any given time. I do what I can each day and hope to inspire others to touch a few lives along their path as well.

Source of Funding: Many folks have asked me how I fund these projects. Well, as a Chaplain, much of my time has been donated or I have accepted travel expenses funds as well as honorariums and love-offerings. As an independent artist and author, I have worked in partnership with private donors & patrons of the spiritual & patriotic arts in the creation and production these songs, CDs, and videos available for the purpose of encouragement and inspiration. I have been most fortunate to have the magnificent and affordable services of my long-time friend,  producer and arranger, Tracy Collins, who has really “given my songs wings” as I like to say, with his masterful ability in the studio.

What about record deals? I made a decision years ago to remain independent which has allowed me to share messages with the public free of the obligations which are often created by accepting “record label or publishing deals.” I have been offered a few commercial recording contracts over the years, but I felt in my soul that independence was the only way to ensure that I would be free to share inspiration as God would lead. Read more.

Provision sent from heaven: I have always believed that “success” as defined in God’s realm, is based on fulfilling the purpose which He has in mind when loaning talents to each of us; and I have seen over and over, how provision for the “next step” in His Plan becomes evident when the time is right and the need arises.

Thank you for all for of the amazing and creative ways you have given to this inspirational endeavor! Live appearances, album or Mp3 sales, social media “sharing,” and random contributions have all helped greatly; so thank you to all of the wonderful folks out there who have invested in this work with prayers, purchases, and general friendship, all of whom are now a part of the fabric of these artistic works as we reach out together to “be a blessing as we are also very blessed.”

God Keep You in His Mercy & Grace! Read Acknowledgements.

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Purchase Ann’s CDs, Albums, Books: Though Ann offers many songs on social media & YouTube for public listening, it is also greatly appreciated when folks reach beyond “free listening sources” to support the work with purchases of the albums & tracks; majority of all net proceeds help support Ann’s charitable outreach.

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Read more about Chaplain Wolf’s Charity Outreach.

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Your prayers, support, and love offerings are gratefully accepted for the continuation of this work.

Donate With Secure PayPal, recurring or one-time love offerings as the Spirit leads. Scroll to find Donate Link.

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Social Media: Your “Shares” & “Likes” of songs, posts, and pages is always very helpful in getting the word out about this form of spiritual artistry; and it is very much appreciated!

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Internet Streaming: There are more and more reports of Ann’s songs being played on streaming channels these days. So, thank you for suggesting her music to the admins of your internet listening stations; some online broadcasting sites such as Spotify do pay the artist a penny or so a play.

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Ann at Your Event

Live Appearances: Ann does travel outside her region and even overseas as her production & ministry schedule allow. For churches & non-profit events, love-offerings plus travel expenses can be negotiated; for commercial events, standard rates apply.

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Regarding Non-Profit Status

Regarding Non-Profit Status:  Currently, Ann M. Wolf does not have a 501C3 non-profit branch of her activities at this time since there are considerable costs associated with forming a Non-Profit, and it has not yet been in her budget to do so. But accomplishing this is on her prayer list.

Do you need a tax deduction for your contribution? For those of you who need a tax deduction for your contribution… some of what we offer in the way of products and services could be considered a deduction if you own a business, a counseling center, or if you facilitate a ministry of some kind. Please see your accountant or the IRS website for additional details regarding legal tax deductions which you or your organization may be eligible for. Thank you for your interest, your faithfulness and love.

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“Freely ye have received, freely give.” Matthew 10:8 (KJV)

Love Makes It All Possible:

Your prayers, support, and love offerings are gratefully accepted for the continuation of this unique form of music ministry, as well as for MOTL Charity Outreach & the essential needs of Message of the Lighthouse Online Library, ministering to folks across the USA & around the world.

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Two Moving Videos by Ann M. Wolf

Note from Ann M. Wolf…

Thank you for visiting today and thank you as well for your interest in learning how to lend a hand to this artistic outreach where the Star of the show is God. Here is a little bit about what I do and why I do it…

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Majority of net proceeds of all sales of music and merchandise is used in Ann M. Wolf’s Charity Outreach and to help support her donated services to veterans, first-responders, and kids in need as well as her international spiritual outreach.