Friends in Internet Radio

“Special thanks to these and other Internet Radio Show Hosts who have generously supported my music on their shows.” Ann M. Wolf

The Gospel Blues Hour: Get ready to be Bluesified and Sanctified!!!!

The Legal Stuff: “If you’ve come here looking for any of that come lay your head on the shoulder of perfect hair Jesus music, you’re in the wrong place!! If you want wailing Strats, screaming Les Pauls, and some down-home acoustics, we can help you with that!!”

This one hour Internet Radio Show plays 12 times throughout the week on (initial airing Sunday 8 am eastern), 7 times on, thrice on Racman Christian Radio, twice in the UK on BLUES at RRUK, Branson Gospel Radio, Marion’s Blues Radio 97.5 FM WDIF, Cornerstone Christian Radio Station, The WJIC Network, and once a week each on WORB RADIO, Bayou Gospel radio, KBAF RADIO, Classic Christian Rock Radio, Star 99, NoteSpire Music Radio, Good News Gospel Radio International, and 88FM in Sunraysia Australia!!

Read More & Listen: The Gospel Blues Hour

Eternal Cross Show: This Internet Radio Show blends a variety of Christian music including Christian Contemporary and Rock, spun up by none other than DJ RedMan, all giving glory to God. Tuesdays 6-8 PM PST

The Blues with RedMan Show: Playing Christian Blues that glorifies God. The style that you love, with lyrics that carry the Gospel. Blues with a message… Thursdays at 6 -8 pm PST

Friday Night Metal: A Blend of Christian Hard Rock & Heaven’s Metal, Praising Jesus Loud & Proud. Fridays 7-9 pm PST- We will Rock your face off.

Listen & Read: DJ Redman’s Radio Page.

Belter Radio is a UK-based Radio Station with a worldwide audience and a truly diverse and international team of presenters. Beyond mainstream music, Belter Radio Internet Radio Shows showcase independent and unsigned artists from every musical genre. Artists are encouraged to interact with presenters in the lively chatroom, whilst also comparing notes and stories with like-minded musicians.

Read & Listen at: Belter Radio

Indie Gospel Radio: “We are a licensed radio station specializing in Indie Gospel, Christian Rock & Blues, glorifying God. Our default playlist is supplied by the “Indie Gospel” network, where membership is free. We have unique songs, artist interviews, call-in shows, and live DJ’s doing programs geared to specific styles like CCM, Rock, and Blues, all giving glory to our Lord Jesus. There are more shows with mixed genres where every style from Heavens Metal, Rap to classical is represented. You will also find “The Bread of life Sunday Service.” Read more. 

The Dusty Roads Radio

With Jerry “The Bluesman” Herrera

╬  Wednesdays ~ 5-7: PM Pacific
Music For The Soul & Words To Live By

╬  Sundays ~ 5-7: PM Pacific
Children’s Bible Stories (Real Heroes of the Bible)
Theater (Building Character One Story At ATime)

Listen & Read: Jerry Herrera Radio

Ken Rich – At any time during the scheduled “station mix” (which is selected by Ken), he may go live to DJ, to make announcements, open up the lines for talk, or bring in a guest for an interview.

Also, he will be doing some pre-announced “live” shows from time to time for special occasions and events.

The behind the scenes work which allows the radio and network to function is, of course, the top priority. However, when time permits, he likes to put in some “on air” time too.

Listen & Read: Ken Rich Radio

Praise Radio with Byron Fester: This station features Gospel Artists who want to spread the word of God via song on internet radio Praise Radio, to help a lost & hurting world.